This “Habits (Stay High)” cover got me high alright

As I’ve mentioned previously, while this is a blog about movies and series, I will occasionally post pieces about interesting events in the entertainment world, and here’s the first of it.

Earlier this week, I was on Facebook when I decided to check up on one of my favourite artists to see what she was up to. And there it was. A new cover video, this time of Tove Lo‘s “Habits (Stay High).

I first came across Haley Reinhart when she auditioned for the 10th season of reality singing competition American Idol. It wasn’t until Day 3 of Hollywood Week, a stage in the competition, that I noticed the songstress. A day earlier, she’d forgotten the lyrics of the song she was singing — usually a sure-fire way to be eliminated — but her solo performance caught everyone’s attention. Reinhart was there to stay.

After a few mishaps early in the competition, she was finally able to establish herself as the dark horse of the season. By top 3, Reinhart had brilliantly performed songs like Tom Jones’ I (Who Have Nothing)” and The Animals‘ “House of the Rising Sun” that have gone down in American Idol history as two of the best performances in the fourteen years the show has been going on. Her run on Idol is considered one of the best, thanks to her brilliant song choices that led her all the way to third place, by which time she was considered the favourite to win. Her unjust elimination devastates fans (I’m still not over it. No, I don’t have a life) to this day.

Following Idol, Reinhart released her debut album “Listen Up!” to critical acclaim. Shortly after, however, she was released from the label she was signed with. And while it was discouraging, that is when she found her true calling in music: Jazz.

Stalking her on Youtube would lead you to a number of Jazz covers of famous songs, and they are killer. Her raw, growling voice sends chills down my spine and leaves me in awe of her.

And that brings me to the point of this post: that “Habits” cover. For starters, it is so much better than the original version, with all my respect to the artist who originally sings it. I personally love Jazz so much, so to see this song be transformed into a sexy Jazz song was wicked. The choices Reinhart makes while singing the song, from arrangement to runs, are stellar and turn the song into a classier version than what it actually is.

Something else I noticed was how much Reinhart‘s version highlighted the lyrics. I’d never been that much of a fan of the song, so I didn’t really pay attention to the lyrics whenever I heard it, but this version brought that forward, and it’s actually a really sad song if you listen closely. You do NOT want to miss this cover!

Check out the video bellow (you can also buy it on ITunes) and don’t forget to like her Facebook page for more news about the rising star!

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