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“The Wedding Ringer”: another movie we’ll forget by tomorrow

Comedic Kevin Hart returns to the big screen with yet another of his flicks. And while this is one of his better efforts, The Wedding Ringer stands as just another cliché comedy no one will remember in a few months’ time. Starring Kevin Hart, Josh Gad, and Kayley Cuoco in lead roles, the film talks about Jimmy (Hart), a man whose job is

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Voldemort, dog ears, and elephant pilots in “Jupiter Ascending”

You read right. This movie had so much weird in it, I can’t bring myself to recall every single detail. But here’s something I can ascertain: this film was a disappointing disaster of epic proportions. Brought to us by the Wachowski siblings, the makers of The Matrix trilogy,  Jupiter Ascending is about an everyday caretaker named Jupiter (Mila Kunis), who is attacked by unknown

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