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James Wan loses cred as “Demonic” underwhelms

With movies like The Conjuring, Saw, and Insidious attached to his name, James Wan has established himself as one of the most sought-after horror movie director-producers of the decade. His distinct style in making horror movies has become a signature of its own, leaving crowds eager for his projects throughout the year. And considering the genre is slowly dying — what with

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James Wan delivers a solid sequel to his celebrated hit ‘The Conjuring’

Back in 2013, famed movie director James Wan, known for hits such as Insidious and Saw, solidified his status as one of — if not the — best horror movie directors of our time with his acclaimed film, The Conjuring, which premiered to warm reception from fans and critics alike. Three years later, Wan is back to terrorise the globe with

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“Children of Men” pioneers long take trend in mainstream cinema

Earlier in the year, the Acadmy of Motions Pictures Arts & Sciences — also known as the Academy of the Oscars — awarded Birdman the statue for Best Picture, one of the two of the most important  awards of the night. Its fantastic script and wonderful acting pwrformances aside, the movie was hailed for its technical prowess, specifically for creating the

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Potential goes missing in “Every Secret Thing”

Some fantastic-looking movies like Me Earl and the Dying Girl, Inside Out, and Max are headed our way this summer, and I for one cannot wait. But sometimes a movie may look great, but turn out bad. Such is the case with Every Secret Thing. The crime thriller seemed a lock on paper,especially  with names like Diane Lane, Dakota Fanning, Danielle

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The pursuit of perfection: “Black Swan” solidifies itself as 21st century cinematic masterpiece

Back in 2010, a 14 year-old version of myself came across a film that would forever alter the way I perceived cinema in general. It was a work that made me fall in love with the art of film-making, and admire the minds behind the camera that envisioned what I saw on the silver screen. It is Black Swan, the

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