Life As Told By Film: a picture gallery of your lives as told by your favourite films (First Edition)

Hey Everyone!

So, if you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a huge fan of the film industry.

I love movies, and I think most people do. In a way, it’s a universal language, one that binds us all together, no matter where we are in the world, or where we come from. So, I want to show people’s lives, as told by their favourite films. 

Here’s the first (picture isn’t mine):

“Which is one of your favourite movies and why?”

“Brazil (1985). One, because it’s a Dystopia — one of the earlier ones — and it foresees what the society is like today, the sense of constant control and surveillance, the feeling that people know what you’re up to and what you’re doing all the time because of social media, for example; and two, because it’s all about pipes. I’m an Architect, so that’s particularly interesting to me. They’re usually hidden in the walls, but in this movie they’re the center of it. They’re a means to communicate and they connect us all in a way. Isn’t that exciting?”

Joanne Choueiri (Lebanese-American)


“Which is one of your favourite movies and why?”

“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004). I got the movie from a friend. At first, I was so tempted by its title, couldn’t wait to watch it! So, I looked it up, and the only word that struck me was “memory.” After watching the movie, I realized that one of the most important and beautiful parts of a person is his or her memories, from the smallest to the biggest. “Memory” is just a word like “love” until you decide to give it meaning. You can choose not to remember, but forgetting is somehow out of the question. So, cherish everything you have because the moment it becomes history, you only survive on its memory. Cherish your moments, for you can never relive them; and you may never have that chance again. Be grateful you were a beautiful part of someone’s life at one point or continue to be so, and always remember to keep some fingerprints around the corner. Memories eternally light up our spotless minds. And neither our minds nor our hearts can make us forget unless we give them the privilege to.”

Sarine-Sandra Bajakian (Lebanese-Armenian)


“Which is one of your favourite movies and why?”

The Imitation Game (2014). I know it’s new, but I didn’t expect it to affect me as much as it did. I think no other movie has been able to leave an impression as grand, actually. I don’t know, I watched it twice, and the acting got to me even more the second time. I mean, take it out of the context of the movie, and there’s a really sad story there — a true one — about ultimate loss. Another thing is that the script was really thought-provoking. I had to stop a few times and reflect on my own life, reflect on what I was hearing and what it all meant in a greater scheme; what my life, what your life, what everyone’s means in a grander scale of things.”

Nizar Aouad (Lebanese)


That’s it! I hope you enjoyed that! There are lots more to come! I’ll be uploading them three by three as soon as I have them. The next batch will be up soon.


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