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‘I, Tonya’: is Margot Robbie skating her way to the Oscars?

It happens every other year: in a sea of great performances, one familiar actor or actress comes out of nowhere with a career-defining performance that has heads turning. Matthew McConaughey did it when he came out with Dallas Buyers Club, Brie Larson did it when she stole the awards season with Room, Jennifer Aniston shocked audiences with her turn in

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The eloquent calumny of “The Grand Budapest Hotel” charms audiences worldwide

When it comes to style, one of the most prominent Hollywood names that comes to mind is undoubtedly Wes Anderson. From his detailed, colourful frames to his captivating scripts and fascinating characters, he has truly sets himself apart from most directors out there. Already with movies like Moonrise Kingdom, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Rushmore in his repertoire, the director has

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“The Truman Show”: the authentic ingenuity of Truman Burbank’s life

Hey everyone! Just a quick note: the following review was submitted by our very first contributor, Ms. Lara Kalenderian of ChattyChasity! As far as controversial movies go, The Truman Show definitely earned itself a spot in this category with its thought-provoking dialogue and ground-breaking notions. Some might even go so far as to say that it was a milestone in

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