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“See You in Valhalla” suffocates viewers with every cliché in the book

Sometimes, I pick up a random movie to watch hoping it’ll be good. And sometimes it is (see: Who Am I – No System is Safe). Other times, however, it’s See You in Valhalla. Primarily starring Sarah Hyland, Bret Harrison, and Michael Weston, See You in Valhalla is a drama about the estranged Burwood family that comes together following the bizarre death

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“The Imitation Game”: not all those who win are victors

Let me point out Dumbo. This was one hell of a good movie.  The Imitation Game recounts the true story of Alan Turing, a professor and mathematician who, between the years of 1939 and 1941, worked with a group of cryptographers to crack Enigma, a communication device made of undecipherable codes used by the Germans during the war against Britain.

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