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‘Glass’: M. Night Shyamalan’s superhero trilogy comes to a disappointing end

In a sea of MARVEL and DC Comics superhero films, one can appreciate what Shyamalan tries to do with his trilogy. Despite how much of a mess this last installment is, the concept is undeniably an interesting approach to the superhero trope, but the faults in this film are too large and too many to ignore, and it seems Shyamalan’s lucky streak has run its course yet again.

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‘Good Time’: the Safdie Brothers direct one of the best action films in years

good time robert pattinson

A doctor has a conversation with a mentally challenged man. Slamming the door open, a second man, agitated, walk in and pulls his brother out of the doctor’s office and reassures him that he doesn’t need any doctors. The two are then seen donning disguises and robbing a bank in quick sequences that are gripping and exhilarating, masterfully edited, and

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On the art of adapting anime: why Netflix’s ‘Death Note’ is an unsurprising flop

A notebook with the ability to kill people falls from the skies and into the hands of 17 year-old Light Yagami, an arrogant, power-obsessed high school genius seeking a utopian world free from crime and corruption. When Death Note premiered in 2006, the anime adaption of the popular Tsugumi Ohba-penned manga series of the same name captivated audiences almost overnight.

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