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‘I, Tonya’: is Margot Robbie skating her way to the Oscars?

It happens every other year: in a sea of great performances, one familiar actor or actress comes out of nowhere with a career-defining performance that has heads turning. Matthew McConaughey did it when he came out with Dallas Buyers Club, Brie Larson did it when she stole the awards season with Room, Jennifer Aniston shocked audiences with her turn in

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‘Murder on the Orient Express’ loses steam before reaching its destination

It’s the early 1930s. Following a life of heartbreak, loss, and love, a writer finds herself aboard the Orient Express headed from England towards Istanbul and later Baghdad. In a hotel room in the heart of Turkey, she pens a mystery-crime novel set aboard the famous train. Murder on the Orient Express would go on to see her already rising

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Potential goes missing in “Every Secret Thing”

Some fantastic-looking movies like Me Earl and the Dying Girl, Inside Out, and Max are headed our way this summer, and I for one cannot wait. But sometimes a movie may look great, but turn out bad. Such is the case with Every Secret Thing. The crime thriller seemed a lock on paper,especially  with names like Diane Lane, Dakota Fanning, Danielle

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“Deliver Us From Evil” underwhelms with already overdone premise

As my search for a creeptacular horror movie continues, I stop at Deliver Us From Evil, a 2014 horror-thriller directed by Scott Derrickson, from whom we saw the chilling Sinister in 2012 (one of the better modern horror movies, if I may add, save for that ending), and starring Eric Bana, Joel McHale, Γ‰dgar Ramirez, Sean Harris, and Olivia Munn. The

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