Ramblings from a wannabe film scholar living in Beirut.

Hello and welcome to Reel Rambler!

Initially named Life As Told By Film (2015-2016), Reel Rambler started out as a side project to share my views on the films I was watching. Coupled with a few courses on Cinema, the blog became an arena for study and observation of cinema and the politics of the film industry.

Taking a break in mid 2016, I decided to reshape the identity of the blog to reflect how seriously I was approaching Cinema, now more as a career rather than a hobby. And so in March of 2017, and officially as Reel Rambler, the website began to come to life.

I am not an expert on film (although I hope to be one day), but I’d like to think that what I have to say carries some relevance.

The website is  going to feature content ranging from reviews to film and casting news. Although I’ll be covering a myriad of genres, I have a particular affinity for things that go boo at night – so expect a lot of (what tries to be) Horror.

For any inquiries, please contact me at reelramblerreviews@gmail.com

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Reel Rambler

A review of movies - old, new, local, and foreign - as seen through the eyes of a 22 year-old based in Beirut.

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