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“Children of Men” pioneers long take trend in mainstream cinema

Earlier in the year, the Acadmy of Motions Pictures Arts & Sciences — also known as the Academy of the Oscars — awarded Birdman the statue for Best Picture, one of the two of the most important  awards of the night. Its fantastic script and wonderful acting pwrformances aside, the movie was hailed for its technical prowess, specifically for creating the

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“The Truman Show”: the authentic ingenuity of Truman Burbank’s life

Hey everyone! Just a quick note: the following review was submitted by our very first contributor, Ms. Lara Kalenderian of ChattyChasity! As far as controversial movies go, The Truman Show definitely earned itself a spot in this category with its thought-provoking dialogue and ground-breaking notions. Some might even go so far as to say that it was a milestone in

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Melissa McCarthy goes undercover in witty new comedy “Spy”

Back in the pre-streaming MBC4 days, I came across a little rom-com series about a couple trying to make it through the various troubles of life. Back then, Mike and Molly wasn’t so famous, but the show would go on to garner several Primetime Emmy nominations for its cinematography, direction, and especially for its lead actress, otherwise overlooked (back then) Melissa

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